Designed for Print

ActorsRéz takes out all the guesswork when building a resume for print. Including popular paper sizes such as 8 x 10, US Letter, and the international standard A4, flexibility has never been so important. Unique to ActorsRéz is also a user selectable option for turning on an 8 x 10 crop guide for larger formats. The crop guide makes cutting your resume for fitment on the backside of your headshot easier than ever. The advanced PDF rendering engine found inside of ActorsRéz also centers all of your resume information to help prevent document clipping on non-borderless print formats. Formatting a resume is half the battle, the other half is making sure it looks good so you get the job, with ActorsRéz, neither is a concern. *Printing directly from your iPhone or iPod touch is now available using AirPrint, a wireless printing framework available on select iOS 4.2 devices.

Complete Control

Having choice is everything; with ActorsRéz control is now in your hands. Designed from the ground up to be understood by the most novice user, ActorsRéz also presents more advanced customization tools for those looking to get their hands dirty. In addition to organizing the importance of your credits to guarantee your best foot is always forward, ActorsRéz also allows for complete control over the way categories are displayed. Choosing a custom casting audience gives an actor the power to rearrange the order categories are displayed along with turning off the ones that aren't necessary.

Manage your Agents

As an actor, there are many challenges on your way to stardom, getting an agent or manager is one of them. While ActorsRéz can't help you find an agent, it can certainly help you with organizing the ones you do have. ActorsRéz allows you to create a list of as many agents and managers as you want, along with saving critical contact information such as their name, phone number, fax number, mailing address, email, web url, and company logo thats imported through your photo library. Also for organizational purposes, assign an agent as theatrical, commercial, or both so you never get confused when selecting the right agent for your resume.

ActorsRéz understanding that displaying your agents information is very important, especially when most agents are very particular with the way they want to be presented on your resume. ActorsRéz offers flexible resume formatting options to guarantee your agent's information, and your information, if you choose to display it alongside your agents, is displayed in the best possible way. Choose from five different placement options, in addition to the ability to turn on or off the information you don't want to be displayed. If you're the type of actor who has more than one agent, or possibly an agent and manager, ActorsRéz gives you the choice to select up to two of your agents for display on your resume. Spending hours reformatting your resume just so you can squeeze in your agents information is now a thing of the past.

Drop it like its Hot

ActorsRéz is proud to introduce the integration of Dropbox in release 1.1.0. Uploading and sharing your resume files with your Dropbox account has never been quicker and easier. Signing up for the service is absolutely free and recommended for any serious actor. Get more out of ActorsRéz today! for more information please visit